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We, at BR Tech Solutions understand the importance of giving opportunities to individuals & professionals for getting hands-on experience by working with us as interns. We provide platform for them to work for us in several domains. Our internship programs are well designed and executed in a way that is mutually beneficial for us and the interns as well.

We look for individuals who are passionate about advancing their own skills based on their interests. Our goal is to provide them projects that will be challenging & inspiring to sharpen their knowledge in their respective fields.

I had the best experience with such nice mentors around and also I acquired so much insights about the genres which I had no idea about.

Ritashree Kashyap Aug'21 to Oct'21, Digital Marketing Intern

Our internship helps in enhancing the knowledge of working individuals and increases the chance of freshers getting employed. Individuals who have spent their time working for a company like us in a particular industry even as an intern reflects their dedication and enthusiasm for a particular field.

Our interns who have worked passionately with us as a team during internship, are now contributing and adding value by using their experience & knowledge in their respective workplaces.

  • We offer paid as well as un-paid internships based on the interview & availability.
  • We offer relevant projects, individual guidance and hands-on collaboration.
  • We provide certificates of completion and other standard certificates based on the respective fields.
  • On successful completion of internship tenure, individual are offered an opportunity to work for us depending upon our requirements and skill set of individuals
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Front-end Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Content writer
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